SZEGA Production

In addition to items that we purchase and sell we are putting a even increasing emphasis on our own products ( produced by us). The SZEGA food production is divided into different areas: Since 2010 we have a cheese dicing / slicing and EU stamping facility in Diosd.

In Kunszentmárton we have been producing dairy products by one of our sister companies since 2018. The strict quality controlled production facility makes traditional and innovative products. Besides the brand name produce we also started to take part in retails private label productions. We offer retail and HORECA products and several base ingredients that we provide to production facilities within a B2B framework.

Items are produced using the IFS quality controlled system.

In 2020 we started our own 100% vegan dairy substitute brand, VEGART. Our goal is to provide an extensive vareity of products in this category.

Besides our own production we are helping smaller and larger local production facilities to place their products on the market.


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